Loyalty should be rewarded right?…… RIGHT!!!!

We understand that as our customer base grows, we see a lot (and I mean a lot) of our customers returning time and time again.

I think its only far that we give back to you!

When ever you spend £1.00 on our site, we will reward your account with 5 points.. and what do points win?.? Well in this case credit to your account!

Every 500 points earned will be able to cash out £2.50 against a purchase that could be a free ticket for one of our technical draws. Imagine that, not only do you get to enter into a competition for free you could win!

Not only do we reward you for your loyalty in purchases, but to help us gain traction, we also have ways of earning points WITHOUT the need of a purchase.

We will reward you for simply opening a new account so we can send you a newsletter 100 points!

Share on social media via the widget

50 points Facebook
50 points Twitter

Referral refer a friend

Your referral will get: 5% off their first order

YOU will get the equivalent of 50% of their points added to your account. (not too shabby huh!)

So, for example

You open a new account (+100 points) you share on both Facebook (+50 points) and Twitter (+50 points)

You then order say 20 quids worth of goods (+100 points)

You then refer a friend who orders the same as you because its an awesome competition (+100 points)

Well there you go, you’ve just made 500 points and got your first £2.50!