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Although we are a well-established Corporate company

The owner / directors have always been one for Office Pools and very often partake in online skill-based competitions to win an array of awesome and sometimes ridiculous items!

The only issue we found (other than we didn’t win!) is that we worked out we have like 9 or 10 different sites and companies we follow, so its quite hard to keep up with items for offer, when the draws are etc.

So in a conversation, I just happened to mention wouldn’t it be great if there was a company that had multiple competitions for a wide array of items from small electronics to vehicles and even family Holidays!

I expected to be met with a wall of “oh god no what are you getting at”, but instead I was met with a simple comment. I think we should also have a way to reward loyalty with a points scheme or something.

From there 247 Competitions was born!

As of now, it may seem that we don’t have the so-called ‘array’ of products, but bear in mind we are growing daily and didn’t want to swamp the market with 20 competitions, plus we want to know what people want after all you’re the ones entering – feedback for us is Key!