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How to play

  1. Navigate to the page of the competition to enter.
  2. Select the number(s) you wish to purchase.
  3. Answer the skill based question below the ticket numbers
  4. Click add to cart and follow the pages through the checkout.
  5. You will then recieve an email to say the order has been placed.
  6. If you answered the skilll based question correctly you will be emailed a confirmation of your order.

The Draw

  • When the timer has run out/or all tickets have sold, the draw will proceed as scheduled.
  • If not all reserved tickets are sold, the competition maybe extended as stated in our terms and conditions.
  • The draw will be live streamed for you to watch in real time on our Facebook page.
  • The competition will be drawn using Googles Random Number generator.
  • We will run a few test first to show you how it works before the live draw.
  • We will then inform you the live draw is going to happen, the next number produced by the generator is the winnder of that competition.

Receiving your prize

  • The prize will be dispatched the following day of the draw.
  • Delivery is free to all UK addresses
  • As part of our competition riles, you must send a photo of yourself and the prize so we can include any marketing that we wish to do.
  • 247Competitions guarantee all winners are 100% randomly picked during the live draw.

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